We are located at 33 West Main St., Smithtown, NY., affiliated with Empire State Karate. There is ample parking in the back, and our main entrance is on the side, off of Karl Ave.

Center Island Aikido Calligraphy

We offer classes in Ueshiba style Aikido which emphasizes energy-blending (“ai”- “blend”, “ki”-“energy”, “do”-“way”) as a means of neutralizing and redirecting the energy of incoming attacks. Techniques for falling safely to avoid injury are practiced, and these are not only helpful for safe aikido practice, but can and do aid us in daily life as fear of falling is reduced and flexibility is inreased.

We also offer T’ai Chi classes in the Yang short form style. T’ai Chi is a no-impact exercise that incorporates breath control and movement beneficial to energy distribution throughout the body, improves motor control for balance and leads to an overall sense of well-being. It is easy to practice anywhere and good for young and old alike.

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Edward A. Schechtman,  PhD