Class Schedule, Dues & Fees


Wow, it is 2019! If you are now or wish to become USAF members, I wish to remind you that USAF dues are $45 and (appropriately) DUE. 😉
Please write checks payable to Center Island Aikido for the amount and place it in the black dojo mailbox. 
A signup sheet will keep track of who has paid.
Thank you!


NOTE: USAF dues are separate from Center Island Aikido dues.


Center Island Aikido’s nonprofit status helps keep our dues the lowest in the region. Members enjoy the privilege of attending as many classes as they wish per month. If you are interested in seeing if aikido or this dojo in particular is right for you, come experience a few classes with us and then decide if you want to join. Members pay at the first of each month and there are no contracts to sign.

ADULTS (13 years or older): $75/mo

CHILDREN (13 years or younger): $50/mo (NOTE: There are no “children’s classes”. Children practice with the adults, and parents are encouraged to practice as well!)

STUDENTS (High school/college with proof): $55/mo

ADD A SPOUSE (or significant other) for additional $35/mo

ADD A CHILD for additional $25/mo (up to 3 children; the 4th child, or more, join free)


If you are already a practicing aikidoka, our mat fees are $10 if you belong to a non-affiliated dojo, and $5 if you belong to an affiliated dojo.

Click HERE if you’d like to participate in a survey “collecting data on motivations and beliefs about the martial art of Aikido in hopes of understanding what practitioners are looking for when they train in Aikido”

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